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  • Quiet Hours 10PM - 8AM Daily

  • Check-in 1PM  -   Check-out - Noon (Check with management for earlier check-in)

  • Speed Limit 5 MPH

  • No Parking on adjacent spaces or in the road

  • Disposal of trash must be placed in proper receptacles

  • Management assumes no liability for loss or damage to guest property and/or injury to a person, pet, or party arising due to use of park facilities or caused by others on the premises.

Cedar Key Chiefland Gainesville

  • 1 Recreational Vehicle (RV) and 1 vehicle allowed per lot (any additional vehicles must be approved by management)

  • Camp fires are allowed in raised fire pits only and must not be left unattended (Weather permitting)

  • Discharging Firearms, Air Rifles, and other projectile firing devices at Shady Oaks is prohibited. 

  • Campers are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Please ensure that they follow our rules.

  • Any resident or guest who willfully destroys park property or equipment will be held liable for all repairs and/or replacement of damaged items as well as asked to leave.

  • Parents are fully responsible for the conduct of their children and financially responsible for any damages incurred by their children.

  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Each resident is responsible for maintaining a clean appearance around their space to include under and around RV/vehicles.

  • Illegal drugs are not permitted and will be grounds for removal.

  • No Digging or Altering Natural Surroundings: Under no circumstance should Camper(s) and/or Guest(s) dig, drive objects in to the ground, trim/alter/cut any natural materials or attach objects to trees, bushes or any property of Shady Oaks Campground.

  • If you have any questions regarding these policies, feel free to contact management. Management reserves the right to create changes that will best serve our guests.

Cedar Key Chiefland Gainesville

  • Pets are welcome.

  • Maximum of 2 pets per space. Additional pets require prior approval by management.

  • Pets must be on a leash at all times and never left unattended.

  • Pets that are tied up outside should never be left unsupervised.

  • Residents must maintain cleanliness by picking up feces and proper disposal.

  • If pet is excessively barking or is biting, digging holes, reserves the right to address the issue and take proper action "as needed" including being asked to leave.

  • The campground reserves the right to remove any aggressive animal and associated tenants from the Campground.

Cedar Key Chiefland Gainesville

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